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Abused Part 1

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Abused is a multiple part story about a young woman who is engaged to a rich arrogant abusive jerk. So the young woman decides she needs a special type of counselor to help fix things with her relationship. And so she hires Mistress Magnifica, a towering musclebound hulk of a woman, as sexy as she is strong, as brutal as she is pretty... Things are going to change that's for sure! In part 1 there is lots of fem dom, mixed fighting, muscle worship and feats of strength as the man gets lifted and tossed about like a rag doll. And leg scissors fans should really enjoy this issue as well. This story is all about one woman rising up and discovering an inner strength she never knew she had and refusing to be abused any longer. This is a 26 page 3d rendered comic. You're going to really enjoy this series. Look for part 2. It's available right now!