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Abused Part 2

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Abused is a multiple part story about a young woman who is engaged to a rich arrogant abusive jerk. So the young woman decides she needs a special type of counselor to help fix things with her relationship. And so she hires Mistress Magnifica, a towering musclebound hulk of a woman, as sexy as she is strong, as brutal as she is pretty...In part two the young woman decides its time she hit the gym so that she can build up her body to be like Magnifica. It doesn't take long, but she gets bigger and stronger than her puny fiancee and he's beginning to know what its like to be the one who's abused. Lots of fem dom in this issue, feats of strength, leg scissors, muscle worship, and mixed wrestling. This is a 26 page 3d rendered comic and if you like this issue don't forget to check out part 1!