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Alpha To Beta

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Alpha Man is the greatest hero on Earth. But, he is lonely and he spends all his time saving people that he never has had time for a real relationship. That all changes when he meets Corinna, a beautiful woman whom he rescued from a burning fire, and it seems the flames have ignited both their passions. During a moment of intimate passion Corinna ingests some of Alpha Man's super seed and undergoes a powerful transformation. The once petite woman grows in height and muscularity to where she towers over the super man and Alpha Man finds that he might have to change his name to Beta Man around such a powerful woman. She is to him what he is to a normal man and this turn around is quite startling to him and a huge blow to his ego. He attempts to prove himself the stronger in race of speed, a weight lifting competition in a gravity gym, arm-wrestling, and finally one on one wrestling match. Lots of feats of strength in this issue and also some really cool female muscle growth sequences and lots of clothes rippage and shredding. If you love FMG comics I know you all will love this one. This comic is 21 pages total and is just a ton of fun.