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Alpha To Beta #2

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Alpha Woman is back and ready to take off and fly in this installment of Alpha To Beta. In the first issue Alpha Man found himself outclassed and out-muscled by his girlfriend Corinna, but he found out that love is the strongest superpower. And the rubble and devastation of his secret base during their most recent love making bout is proof of the strength of their love and their powers. Corinna aka Alpha Woman decides its time that she truly tests out her powers and decides to go on a patrol. And during her patrol she saves construction workers from a falling pallet of bricks, stops a purse snatcher, busts a bank robbery, and more! Oh... And part of the more, she also happens to stop an evil super villain called the Unstoppable... Guess he needs a new name. All in all a wonderful debut for Alpha Woman, and hopefully this will be just the beginning of her adventures. Like the first comic this comic is a female muscle growth comic. There is a really nice FMG sequence in this issue, and just a whole lot of feats of strength and superhero heroics. If you liked the first issue, then you will LOVE this issue. This is like the first, but even bigger and badder.