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Amazon Quest #1

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A young couple accidentally gets sucked into an role playing video game and when the guys girlfriend accidentally drinks the potion that enables her to reset character points and your character class, the boyfriend finds himself downsized from the mighty warrior to the meek sorcerer. His girlfriend meanwhile just keeps adding to her strength stats buffing herself up and changing to the Warrior class. At first she hated the idea of being stuck in the game, now she's so excited she's not dungeon crawling, but more like dungeon rampaging. As she enjoys using her newfound strength to crush, break, and destroy anything and everything that stands in her way... But, in order to survive this game she's going to need to heed her boyfriends advice and rely on his experience as it takes more than super strength to slay monsters and demons. This comic is a 20 page comic that features female muscle growth, lots of action, feats of strength and invulnerability. It's drawn by Jorge Garay the talented artist who drew Dragon Queen, Big Shots, The Zoo, and No Man's Angel comics. I know you all are going to love this new series as this comic is some of his very best work ever.