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Battle Blaze

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Prepare for battle in Battle Blaze. The earth is being invaded by a powerful alien female and her gang of evil fighters. The military is no match for the great power these evil invaders possess, and it's up to a lone woman to challenge them and save the planet from certain doom. The invaders dismiss such a small woman as a threat, that is until she powers up and her body erupts and thickens with big and sexy rock hard muscles. A few punches and kicks is all it takes for the aliens to realize this planet won't be such an easy one to conquer after all. But, is she powerful enough to take on the whole gang and their evil leader? Does she have a larger more powerful form still to be unveiled? This is a fun comic and is done in the vein of a lot of the typical martial arts anime's and mangas that you all might be familiar with. I think all you Kiss of the Dragon Queen fans should really like this comic, it has a similar light hearted tone. The comic is 21 pages total and is drawn by Jorge Garay of Dragon Queen, Not So Lil' Red. and Kickin' G. For all you shopify supporters I also included a bonus character sketch page as well. The comic has multiple FMG sequences, and just tons of martial arts mayhem.