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Bedroom Wrasslin

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I always had a great time making this project and I think this is one of my favorite early 3d rendered comics. This is about a husband who has been devoting more time to his work than he has his wife, and in his absence she has taken up weight lifting and bodybuilding. She has grown impatient with her husband and is about to make her presence felt and after tonight her husband will know his new role in their marriage. This is a very sensual, and somewhat realistic take on the whole wife becoming bigger and taking over motif. There are lots of feats of strength involving dumbbells(husband included) and barbells, some lift and carry, and lots and lots of male vs female wrestling. The comic is a big one as it clocks in at 46 pages of exciting femuscle action. Fans of muscle worship and male and female strength comparisons are going to love this comic. As always enjoy!