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Big Shots

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When a group of fitness girls are insulted by a bunch of so called "Big Shot" male bodybuilders at a competition, they hatch a plan to put those jerks in their places. The girls hit the weight room and grow bigger and stronger. And thanks to big shot of a specially formulated FMG serum that goes on top of all their hard work, just like a cherry on a sundae, they grow to truly huge proportions. But, will they be big enough to win the bodybuilding contest and get their revenge on the jerky male bodybuilders. This comic is just a fun and silly FMG romp. If you like female muscle growth you'll enjoy this comic, it has 4 really nice rapid growth sequences and also some nice weight room training. It also has some surprise cameos from Jorge's other comics appearing. This comic is 20 pages of fmg excitement. Just a real fun ride.