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Big Shots #3

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The Big Shot's girls are back, and they are bigger than ever, and they are continuing their mission of helping girls everywhere become strong and muscular. The opening of this comic is a fun montage chocked full of plenty of female muscle growth, and feats of strength, as the girls go round the globe hulking out eager young women, so that they all can reach their full potential and become BIG SHOTS! The bulk of the comic is focused on a young woman who wishes to catch the eye of the special boy that she likes, and so she asks the Big Shots team to train her so that she can take on the whole wrestling team. She figures that will be one sure fire way to get his attention. Lot's of wrestling action in this issue, along with the fmg, and you got one heck of a fun issue. I really like this series and I know you all will too. Be sure to check out both of the previous issues. They're lots of fun and bursting with just as much FMG excitement!