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Bigger Trophy

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In Bigger Trophy or So Long and Thanks for all the Muscles a jerk bodybuilder learns its not fun to belittle and mock the female bodybuilder champion or risk being belittled himself. He soon finds himself shrinking while the female champ just grows and grows. No one knows what caused the transfer and while he wants it to stop, she just wants it to keep on going, so she can keep on growing! I was always pleased with how well this comic turned out, if you're a fan of Female Muscle Growth/Male Muscle Drain, then this is a comic for you. There is a ton of fmg/drain sequences and lots and lots of muscle/size comparisons to boot. In this comic this is the biggest most muscular I've ever made any of the 3d women. She gets really, really huge, while the guy shrinks down to smaller than the woman's trophy which he had the nerve to mock and ridicule the size of. The comic is 26 total pages and is in a digital PDF format. I consider this a classic MFMC story and I know you all will enjoy it!