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Broken is a story about a no good cheating husband who broke his wife's heart, so she bulked up and packed on lots of strong powerful sexy muscles, and so she's going to break him. He broke her heart, so she'll break him... It seems fair to her, and with how big and strong she is, no one is going to stop her. Least of all her skinny wimp of a husband. This is a 20 page comic drawn by the talented Jorge Garay. You might remember his work from Kiss of the Dragon Queen, No Man's Angel, Big Shots, She's Got Moves, and many, many other Mighty Female Muscle Comix stories. This comic is a female muscle growth story and I think it features one of Jorge's all time best FMG workout sequences in it. Just a really good sequence of the wife as she grows from skinny to massive muscle goddess. The story also contains a lot of male vs female fighting, feats of strength, muscle comparison, and some light fem dom elements. This is an exciting tale of a woman's scorned and her revenge on her husband and I know you all will enjoy it.