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Dominators From Space

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Action, Aliens, and Female Muscle Growth abound in Dominators From Space. Three typical college students stumble into an intergalactic war and are captured by cruel alien Dominators. Things are looking bleak for our young heroes, until they turn the evil aliens FMG technology against them, turning themselves into a sexy musclebound alien fighting force. The question is will they be strong enough to not only put an end to the intergalactic war, but can they save Earth from an impending alien invasion. The only thing that is certain is, its one wild weekend, one that will change all their lives. This is a 20 page comic drawn by the talented Jorge Garay. He drew the popular Kiss of the Dragon Queen Series, Big Shots, Not So Lil Red, The Zoo, No Man's Angel, and many more comics. This is a really fun issue, with lots of cool action and fmg, and sexy aliens.