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Who doesn't want to have big, strong, sexy muscles... But, lets face it, having a muscular body is a lot of work... But, thanks to Betty Bigguns you can chose between many different products to get the dream bod you desire, even if it means stealing/draining it from someone else. Drain-O-Rama is a female muscle growth comic that is bursting with fmg content and sequences. Without a doubt this comic contains the most fmg/drain sequences I've ever had in a 20 page comic. It's truly insane how much female muscle growth is packed into this issue. Betty Bigguns takes you product by product listing its pros and cons, and as such you've got growth via weights and protein powder, muscle growth pills, drain collars, succubus perfume and lipstick, good ol' spinach, and of course drain guns. I wanted this to be like a greatest hits of FMG products and I know you're all going to enjoy this comic. Its funny, its sexy, and its all about the FMG!