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Dream Body

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Marie Claire is just an average girl, but she dreams of being a world class bodybuilder one day. The only trouble is she spends as much time daydreaming with her head up in the clouds, as she does pumping iron. She dreams of making it big, and being even bigger, but those dreams always seem out of reach. That is until she meets a mysterious and freakishly huge and muscular woman at her gym. She follows the buff, beautiful and mysterious bodybuilder and finds out the hard way that sometimes you can get in trouble when you lose yourself in your dreams. This is a really fun comic drawn by the legendary Cris Shapes. It has Female muscle growth, fem dom, mixed fighting, and some really truly amazing feats of strength. Cris has such an amazing way to draw muscular women and no one comes close to it. The way he depicts the women lifting the impossibly heavy weights, why you almost feel the strain of the sinews just by looking at the page.