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Easy Prey

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In the city it can be dangerous to be on the streets at night. But, when a gang of hoodlums attempt to mug a suspiciously large woman, they found out who the hunter and who the prey truly is. She's not an easy mark, and in fact the way she manhandles or in this case woman-handles them, she proves they're nothing more than just chumps and easy prey themselves. This comic is drawn by the talented Jorge Garay. He is the artist who draws the Big Shots and Dragon Queen series as well as No Man's Angel, The Zoo, and Kickin G and a whole lot more. In fact this comic is a little special for me, because its a remake of Alleys of Peril one of my very first complete 3d comics I ever made. If not thee very first one. I really had a lot of fun seeing his rendition of it. And this comic is for fans of martial arts and men and woman mixed fighting.  No one draws better cute martial arts girls than Jorge and this comic has lots of awesome and powerful moves. It also features a lot of really cool feats of strength. She breaks a bat with her abs, and she also snaps a chain with her traps. Super fun comic and I know you all will enjoy it.