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FMG Candy

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Tony is a personal trainer and he believes that it takes many years and lots of hard work to gain big strong muscles. Candice and Lolly are about to show him that he's wrong. The young women each pop a small FMG Candy supplement right before their training session with Tony and they instantly grow bigger and stronger right before Tony's eyes. And as Candice and Lolly start working out they quickly become bigger and stronger than even Tony himself. It becomes quickly apparent that the macho muscleman is pathetically weak compared to the girls and you could say that they outmuscle him as easily as one could take candy from a baby. When Tony asks if he could try one of their candy pills, the girls offer him a tiny blue one. Tony has thinks that if he takes one of their pills he'll become even bigger and stronger, and once again he'll be stronger than Candice and Lolly. But, little does he know the pills work different on men and he's in for quite the surprise. This is a 32 page 3d rendered comic with art by Stone3d and interior text and writing by Philip Lawson. Stone3d has done A Growing Rivalry and Dog on a Leash for Mighty Female Muscle Comix and if you liked those comics you're really going to enjoy this one. Lots of female muscle growth in this issue and lots and lots of feats of strength, as the girls bend, twist, tear, and smash heavy metal weights. They also use Tony as a dumbbell and surprisingly he's quite useful and adept at being one. This is an FMG/Male Muscle Drain tale and it has a unique but fun method that the men get drained of their muscles in this one. All in all a really fun issue for anyone with a sweet tooth for FMG comics.