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FMG Overload Vol. 3

$ 7.50
Seams burst and clothes are shredded in this overloaded issue of FMG Overload Volume 3. This issue is easily the biggest comic of this series to date as it has a massive 48 pages and has over 10 female muscle growth sequences, and its only fitting that it has some of the biggest most muscular women you'll ever see in it. And of course it has some really nice feats of strength in it. Including a really cool comic where a woman crushes a car, and a comic where a cheerleader hulks out and takes on an entire football team by herself. This comic really is a must have if you're a fan of female muscle growth and clothes rippage, as you'll find plenty of bicep bursting sleeve tearing action in these pages. And if you enjoy this issue don't forget to check out Volumes 1 and 2.