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FMG Striptease

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Get ready to entire Flexy's Nightclub where no one under 21 is allowed. 21 inch biceps that is, and all the ladies who dance at Flexy's don't just have big guns, they're really packing heavy artillery. The girls perform a special FMG striptease that not only has them rippping and growing right out of their clothes, but also is guaranteed to open up all the male patrons wallets. This is a very fun and sexy comic that has a little bit of cartoony slap-dash thrown in, a touch of fem dom, a dash of male muscle drain, and a whole lot of fmg and feats of strength. It's drawn by Elemental Uchu whose work you should recognize from the Gitta Braun comic, Drain O' Rama, and she was featured in various FMG Overloads and What A Drain comics.This comic is 20 total pages and if you're a fan of female muscle growth then you're going to enjoy this comic.