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Gitta Braun Presents: Vol. 1

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Gitta Braun is the holder of the title of the "Worlds Most Perfectly Developed Woman". She's big, she's strong, she's more muscular and powerful than any man. She has the kind of body that men both envy and desire and that women all aspire for and she specializes in turning weak frail girls into strong powerful women. All they need to do is send away for her book and they too can unlock the secrets of the superior feminine physique. This is a fun 20 page comic collection that includes one terrific comic by Elemental Uchu whose mini comic you might have read in FMG Overload Vol. 2 and also a one page mini comic by the legendary Kinky Rocket. He drew the amazing Drain Team for MFMC and I consider that comic to be one of the best all time fmg/male drain comics ever. Gitta Braun is Mighty Female Muscle Comix version of a Charles Atlas type character. In this collection you will see lots of fmg comics and sequences as Gitta shares her secrets with many women and turns them all into buff bombshells. Cheerleaders buff up and decide to get off the sidelines and into the game, and of course women teach rude bullies manners in a way that only a bully could truly understand. Lots of fun to be had in this collection and I know you all are going to love Gitta, so don't wait and send away today for this collection!