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Goddessey #1

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Enter the GODDESSEY...A SUPER -SEXY new comic where superwomen with muscle show what it REALLY takes to SPANK evil while wearing spandex. Featuring superheroines and supervillains, FMG(female muscle growth) , super femdom , super feats of strength, and a whole lot more. This comic is written by Philip Lawson and I am very pleased and happy to present it to you. You all should know that Philip writes most of the text for MFMC and this is the first complete comic to come fully from his mind. It's a 22 page fully colored comic. Also, look out for much more art coming from this issues artist ElementalUchu. She had a brief minicomic in FMG Overload vol. 2, but I got much much more art coming your way from here. Till then I know you're going to enjoy this comic.