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Grapple Girl

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Grapple Girl at its core is a typical beat cute romance story. Girl meets boy, girl beats boy at wrestling. Girl decides to take up weightlifting to get even bigger and stronger than boy, not to mention better at wrestling. And pretty soon Girl is so big and strong that she decides to take on the her colleges entire wrestling team. And if you don't think its a fair match, you're right, those guys don't stand a chance against her. Just really amazing artwork by Dracowhip in this one, and a very nice female muscle growth weightlifting segment where the Grapple Girl starts off weaker and smaller than her boyfriend, but by the end of the segment she's not just bigger than him, but also a whole lot stronger. There's a bit of romance, fmg, feats of strength, and lots and lots of cool and sexy wrestling moves in this comic. If you liked Draco's classic No More Little Miss Nerdy Girl then you're going to love this one.