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Grow Play

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Have you ever fantasized about a cute nerdy woman hulking out and growing huge sexy and powerful muscles in your bedroom, then this is the comic for you. Not only does she grow big strong muscles, she's brought some toys to play with as well. She brought some dumbbells and barbells to show off her strength and after a few pumps the weight doesn't even offer a challenge to her any more and she can bend the iron as if it were taffy, just imagine what she could do to you! This comic is the debut comic from the talented artist Bojan. You will be seeing a lot from him in the ensuing months, but for now you're going to enjoy this tale. As it's a big, big one, both in how big and strong the ladies grow, and also the page count. This comic is 27 total pages and contains the main Grow Play comic and a bonus FMG comic. Lots of FMG and feats of strength abound in this issue. So if you like female muscle growth you're going to love this issue.