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Gym Owner's Wife

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This is one of my very first comics that I ever made. I had lofty and grand ambitions and this story to this date is still one of my longest comics I've ever made. Because, it's one of the first comics I've made the art can be rather crude at times, as I was still figuring out the ins and outs of the software. But, even still there is something special about this comic. I really like the story and concept of it. It's about an alpha male who owns a gym and injures himself while lifting. His wife then has to tend to the gym and while he is recovering and losing his hard fought gains, she's making incredible gains herself. And it isn't long before she becomes the alpha in the relationship. This is a big, big, big story at 74 pages. It features elements of female muscle growth, fem dom, muscle worship, and role reversal as the husband has to learn to accept being a beta male. Well worth the time to read.