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His And Hers Vitamins A-Z

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Julie has always secretly been jealous of her husband Tim's muscular body. He was always strutting around taking pride and pleasure in being the alpha male that he was. But, thanks to the new pills shes bought things are going to change. For you see they're not ordinary pills, they're His and Hers Vitamins A-Z. After witnessing his small and skinny wife transform into an uber hot musclebound amazon, who now towers over him, he wants to try the pills for himself. Sadly he didn't read the label otherwise he'd know that these pills claim to take any man from "Alpha" male to "Beta" male in seconds... Only thing is that still leaves the rest of the alphabet and Julie isn't one to waste anything. So if Tim isn't careful he might just find himself downgrading even further from "Beta" to "Zeta" all thanks to these wonderful vitamins. This is just a really fun 3d comic. It contains 35 pages and features tons of female muscle growth and FMG sequences, some light fem dom and general teasing, a ton of muscle and height comparisons, and even some lift and carry at the end. I know you all will enjoy this comic.