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I Put A Spell On You And Now Your Strength Is Mine!

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As you all know all of my collaborations with Femmfortefan are always great and this comic is no exception. I regard this project as perhaps the best comic we ever made together. This is a story I am very proud of and I think its not only an exciting comic, but it works as a morality tale as well. In this comic a young woman visits a witch to help her deal with her abusive boyfriend. At first the woman thinks the witch's spell did nothing, but she soon finds out that it did indeed work. The more her boyfriend is abusive toward her, the more she grows and the more he shrinks. It turns out the spell of protection was one of transference and it isn't long before the young woman becomes the dominant one in her relationship. While no matter how small and weak the boyfriend shrinks to, he never seems to learn his lesson. Will he be able to change his ways before it gets too late? As I stated above I really like this comic. I view it as one of my very best FMG/Male Drain tales. This is also a big, big comic as it's 36 pages fully colored. As a bonus I included the original 36 Black and White pages as well in this comic. I know you all are going to enjoy this comic.