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Jettress #2

$ 7.50
Once again prepare to blast off into high adventure and experience female muscle growth and male muscle drain in a way you've never experienced before. This is the thrilling 2nd issue of Jettress, a female superhero who has a crusade to empower women and overthrow the patriarchal societal domination of men. She has the strength of a dozen men, because she literally drained the strength of a dozen men, and she fights crime with her trusty Draino-Reduction ray gun. This comic is just a lot of fun and contains some superhero action and fighting, and a whole lot of fmg/male muscle drain. Its a big jammed packed comic with over 25 pages of action with 5 bonus FMG pinups for all shopify customers. Its bursting at the seams with action and gorgeous female muscle excitement. Drawn by the talented Bojan, who also drew Grow Play.  If you liked this comic be sure to check that one out too.