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Just An Abnormal Saturday Night Date!

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It was supposed to be a normal Saturday night date for Jake & Cheri-lee, but a surprise meteor shower brought with it an "Abnormal" surprise. Aliens have invaded and it's up to a football jock, a cheerleader, a book worm, and an alien princess to save the entire universe from an evil Alien Queen! This is just a really fun, tongue in cheek adventure. It has 4 FMG sequences. It has aliens shrinking and being squashed(who says they are sole less), it has some male drain in it, and it has some giantess action in it as one of the girls grows to statuesque proportions to stave off the alien attack. And I think it has a healthy heaping of humor throughout. A bit hammy, but its a heck of a lot of fun. The comic is 31 pages fully colored. I had a lot of fun writing this comic, and I know you all will enjoy reading it!