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Just Desserts Color Version

$ 7.50
This is the color version of my classic comic Just Desserts. This is a shopify exclusive and is only available from this site. The comic is drawn by the talented Powerman2000 and colored by fasola. The comic is about a group of disgruntled cheerleaders, who are have lost all their team spirit due to the their teams many loses. Well, one of the girls mothers bakes up a special batch of brownies that is sure to empower the girls, and perk up their spirits... As well as making them grow huge muscles, as the brownies are laced with a female muscle growth serum, and it isn't long before the girls decide they're going to change their teams losing fortunes. Mainly by becoming the team. And the girls take to the field and really steamroll the opposition.  The comic is 36 pages and in full color. Lots of FMG sequences as multiple girls eat the brownies and tons of football action as well, as the girls tackle and stiffarm, and just run over all the boys on the field. This is a very fun comic and I know you all will enjoy it!