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Kickin G Versus Kiss of the Dragon Queen #3

$ 7.50
The crazy zany mashup of Kickin G and Kiss of the Dragon Queen continues in this explosive third issue. This time its Pizza Girl's time to meet her idol the Dragon Queen herself. And thanks to Turtle Puppets mischief a gang of Cyborg Viking Ninjas, Giant Mecha-Vikings, insanity just erupts all across the 20 pages of this comic. The young and pretty Pizza Girl gets given the same special powers that Dragon Queen has, and now she can drain men and grow bigger and stronger... And boy does she ever use her new powers. Lots of female muscle growth in this comic, along with lots of sexy martial arts action. Both Pizza Girl and Dragon Queen look amazing in this issue as you can see all their muscles bulging and flexing as they punch, kick and just obliterate all the foes who stand in their way. Without a doubt this is one of my favorite issues of any comic with Dragon Queen in it. It's sexy, has lots of cool fmg and growth sequences, and its bursting with action and humor. I know you're all going to enjoy this issue.