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Lady of the Jungle #1

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Jane was just an ordinary young woman, and to think she found her destiny when she had gotten lost in the jungle. A wild savage man came to her rescue on that day and changed her world forever. It was ill-fortune that drove the two lovers apart that day, but it was her iron will and resolve that brought them back together. Jane knew that to claim such a mighty and powerful man as her own mate, she'd have to become his equal. And so she trained and grew stronger till the day that they would once again be together. This is a 23 page action adventure comic in the vein of the old Jungle Man films. Its packed with lots of action as Jane takes on Lions, Apes, Crocodiles, and more. It has female muscle growth via working out with weights over time, feats of strength, and a nice armwrestling scene. This is just the first issue of a mini series, and I know you're all going to enjoy it.