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Lady of the Jungle #2

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In the second installment of the exciting Lady of the Jungle series Darsoom and Jane engage in a friendly round of wrestling to find out who is stronger. Darsoom is in for a big surprise as he might have finally found a beast he could not tame or subdue... At least not with his muscles, and the wrestling session between the lovers heats up and leads into something more passionate. But, their bliss is cut short as a war party out for blood crosses their path. It turns out not all is peaceful in the jungle and an evil tribe led by a fearsome giant of a woman is conquering all that stand in her way and it's up to Darsoom and Jane to stand up to this evil woman. This comic is 21 pages in length and is in pdf format. There is plenty of action in this comic, lots of lifting, and a really cool leg scissors sequence. This series is one of my best and favorite comics I've ever made. I know you all will really like it, and each installment just gets better and better. I know you all will enjoy part 2!