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Lady of the Jungle #3

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Darsoom and Jane return in another thrilling installment of Lady of the Jungle! It's up to Jane to unite all the tribes of the jungle so that they can battle against the evil jungle kingdom, but to do so she must defeat the alphas of the packs. Lucky for her she's literally as strong as a gorilla and has a punch that can floor an elephant... Again that is literal and not figuratively speaking. As I mentioned before this is without a doubt one of my best works as a writer and also this is one of my favorite series to boot, and it's in this issue where things really start kicking into high gear. This issue is almost all action, and I think it contains not just some of my best action sequences, but I think some of the best ones you'll ever see in a comic. So if you like action and adventure don't be afraid to dive right into this comic. It's really fun. This issue is 27 pages and contains feats of strength, fem dom, mixed fighting.