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Ms. FemmaXX

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Everyone knows that if you eat too many candy bars you're going to put on weight, but if you're a lady and you eat a Ms. FemmaXX bar, you're going to grow huge sexy muscles and become a titaness of power. To promote their new amazing product the FemmaXX company is holding a Ms. FemmaXX competition, which is part beauty pageant and part power lifting meet, but contains 100% sexy raw female muscle action. The girls grow bigger and bigger as each tries to outdo the competitor that came before her, and they love nothing more than showing off what their new muscles can do. Lots of female muscle growth in this comic, and lots of feats of strength. We got gals lifting huge barbells, bending the barbells, and breaking chains, and plenty more. Also included is another small mini comic of a lady who uses a FemmaXX bar to avoid going to the gym. All total this is a 21 page fully colored comic comic that is bursting with fun and exciting fmg sequences. This is drawn by the same artist who drew Gym Love, which I know you all loved, so I know you're going to enjoy this one!