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Ms. Liberty #3 Part 1

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Ms. Liberty returns in another exciting and thrilling installment. Thanks to the wide spread us of the war time booster shots most of the women in the United States are more powerful and muscular than the average man. Not every nation is pleased at America's growing matriarchy.The cold war is heating up and Ms. Liberty has been tasked with making sure that all the Soviets attempts to create a super-weapon are squashed, and with her sidekick Lotte Bergman, the Soviet's plans end up crushed beneath their high heels. Neither bullets, explosions, tanks, or flame can stop these super powered women, but one dastardly Soviet scientist just might have created something powerful enough to not only stop Ms. Liberty but also the ever growing matriarchy of the United States. This issue contains lots of female muscle growth sequences, and plenty of superhero feats of strengths as the women tear through and crush tanks as if they were just made of tin foil. I believe this is one of the best Ms. Liberty comics I've written and I know you all are going to love it. This is the first part of a two part comic, but can be enjoyed on its own. The comic is 25 pages total jam packed with fmg and superhero femuscle excitement.