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Ms Liberty: The Files Of Novalyne Ross #1

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Ms. Liberty returns in this exciting issue. This is the first of a new Ms. Liberty series that will focus on the adventures of Ms. Liberty during the cold war and her petite unassuming alter ego. Lots and lots of female muscle growth in this issue guys. There are four excellent fmg sequences with tearing and shredding of clothes as the muscles bulge and burst free, all drawn expertly by the talented The Manic. There is also one really nifty battle sequence involving fighter jets set during WWII.  In the end Ms. Liberty has to fight a massive hulking evil woman who overdosed on a top secret muscle booster serum. The comic is 28 total pages and you get it via electronic download as a pdf. I'm really proud of this comic and I feel its a great new addition to the Ms. Liberty comics. I know you all will like it. It has a great story, plenty of fmg, and the Ms. Liberty action and heroics you all love. Enjoy!