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Ms. Liberty: The Longest Day

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Ms. Liberty: The Longest day is a side story set in Europe during Ms. Liberty's time fighting there in WWII. This comic shows the daily struggle for a super soldier such as herself, from tank busting to being a one woman artillery unit she never seems to be able to a break from her duties. It's always go go go for her, and if she stops or slows it could fatal consequences and so she pushes herself to the limit. Not for glory, but so that she might save as many lives as possible. But, even super soldiers have their limits and in this comic you'll find out what Ms. Liberty's are. This is super fun and exciting side story. It features 18 pages of comic, plus two amazing pinups of Ms. Liberty. If you're a fan of feats of strength you're going to love this issue as she crushes tanks, stops bullets and grenades, breaks rifles, destroy's a tank, topples buildings, and clears a mine field only the way Ms. Liberty could. This is another exciting chapter in Ms. Liberty's ongoing adventure, and I know you all are going to LOVE IT!