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Muscle Tease!

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Muscle Tease is a Female Muscle Growth comic told from a first person point of view. Just imagine you're home after a long hard day of work ready to relax. Then your cute petite little wife walks in front out in front of you as you lounge in your favorite chair. She is holding a bottle of Muscle Silk FMG pills, and she takes one. Just imagine all the fun you'd have... Well now you don't have to, because all you have to do is read this comic. It's 47 beautifully rendered pages of sexy, sensual femuscle growth excitement. This comic has plenty of detailed growth sequences as you can see body part by body part grow thicker, bigger, wider, stronger, sexier! It also features some really steamy muscle worship sequences, again all from the first person POV. If you were a fan of my FMG Booster Shot comic, you'll love this one too!