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My Baby Doll

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Jack loves to buy his girlfriend Samantha sexy outfits and at times treats Samantha not like his girlfriend, but a dressing doll for him to play with. Samantha tires of always having to wear these ridiculously sexy outfits all the time, and so decides it's time for Jack to get a taste of his own medicine. So when Jack brings home a Baby Doll nightie for Samantha, she convinces Jack to put it on. And soon he's getting all dolled up, make-up, perfume, earrings, Samantha gives him a complete makeover. But, he's not the only one getting a full body makeover. With each and every completed step in the makeover Jack becomes smaller and less muscular, while Samantha grows bigger and more muscular. Until at the end a complete physical reversal occurs, and Samantha is now the dominant more muscular one and Jack is her new Baby Doll.

This is a fun FMG/Male Drain comic. Has some romance in it, and some clothes rippage, a bit of lift and carry. The comic is 27 pages and is one of my steamier female muscle growth tales. I know you all will enjoy this one.