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No Man's Angel #1

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Prepare to enter a barren world, where the devastation of every bullet and bomb ever fired is counted by the corpses that litter the streets of the empty and crumbling cities of yesteryear. The world is ravaged and a complete wasteland where there are no morals and the only law, is that the strong can do as they please. This is not a world for the weak or the meek. This is not a kind world, but a brutal world and the main character in this comic is "No Man's Angel". She's cold as ice and hard as stone, and the only thing more deadly than her stare is one of her brutal punches. This is just the start of her journey, you can expect many more comics to come. And in each one she'll be leaving a pile of bodies in her wake... This is a really brutal comic. Lots of gore from the mixed martial arts fighting. This is a darker comic than Dragon Queen and Not So Lil' Red, but it has the same great action you can expect from those series.