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No Man's Angel #3

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No Man's Angel returns and in this explosive and bone crackling issue finds Rose and her brother George living safe and sound in a small rural village, thanks to the efforts of their guardian angel. But, their tranquility will be short lived as a massive marauding gang of massacring manics are headed straight for the town. The only thing that stands between the down and certain doom is one woman. One woman vs an entire blood thirsty gang, it's an unfair fight, and the gang is about to find out that even in a post apocalyptic world you reap what you sow. This is a very fun, but brutal comic, and it contains a lot of fighting and the bad guys meet their ends in a variety of head lopping, brain smashing, bone crunching ways. Also there is a minor FMG sequence in this comic, with a couple of really cool feats of strength that involve cars, motorcycles, and more. The comic is 21 pages of new artwork and includes some more pages of various promos for mine and Jorges other series. Just a really fun and fast paced issue, if you liked the first two issues, then you're going to really enjoy this one.