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No More Little Miss Nerdy Girl

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No More Little Miss Nerdy Girl is a classic Mighty Female Muscle Comix tale about a group of arrogant jocks who humiliate and belittle the wrong woman. Megan Mcbeedle might have been small and weak, but she had big dreams and an iron will. Those dreams enabled her to work out and forge her body so that she would no longer be a little girl, but a muscle bound titan of power. And it isn't long before she's helping the other girls on the campus put on muscle and become stronger than they ever thought possible. So strong that the girls might just change the whole macho male culture at the university and teach those arrogant jocks a lesson. This comic is a big one and one of the very first if not thee first comic I ever worked on with Dracowhip. You might see some similarities between this and Big Girls on Campus. But, I wrote this one first!! Like Big Girls on Campus this contains a whole bunch of female muscle growth sequences, all of the fmg takes place via lifting weights in a gym. There is also a really cool cheerleader vs football players sequence in this comic. And a few male vs female scuffles as well, some lift and carry, above normal feats of strength and just a really fun comic. This is a 31 page comic rendered in beautiful black and white graphite. If you liked Powder Puffs or Big Girls on Campus you're going to love this one.