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Not So Super... Man

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The worlds greatest superhero Supra-Man has never met friend or foe who ever came close to being his physical equal, let alone superior. That all changes thanks to an errant laser blast that triggers a transference of his powers into his girlfriend and now he is the weaker one in the relationship. His once petite and frail girlfriend is not only taller and more muscular than him, but she is also exponentially stronger than him as well. To make matters worse an evil scientist uses the discovery of the laser beam to create an evil and sadistic super powered villainess. She's just too much woman for Supra-Man to handle, good thing his girlfriend is on hand to rescue him. Something tells me he better get use to being the one who gets saved from now on. This is a big, big, big and epic comic. It's 33 pages total all black and white. It has 3 FMG sequences in it, and it has an epic brawl at the end with lots of super hero action. There is also a nice arm-wrestling scene, and some nice feats of strength and some size and strength comparisons. There is enough action in this comic to bring down a house... Actually two building do collapse in this comic and the first one you see fall down, has to be seen to be believed. Adults only.