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Operation GTS Defense Force

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Operation GTS Defense Force is mankind's last great hope for survival. Strange giant monsters have been attacking big cities and Earth's armies struggle to destroy the creatures. Attack after attack leaves the Earth's forces weaker and it won't be long until the monsters destroy the entire world. That is why Operation GTS Defense Force has been initiated. Using the mutated blood of the monsters Doctor Sonja Krusch creates a serum that imbues women with super human strength and grows them physically taller and gives them massively powerful physiques. Scoffed at by her fellow scientists and all but ignored by the military, she is determined to prove the usefulness of her research and save all of mankind, even if it takes a group of musclebound women to do so. And that is just what she assembles a squad of super strong amazon women warriors to combat the giant monsters. The women are further aided in by Krusch's other invention, a GTS Bikini that allows the women to grow tall to such towering heights that they in turn are able to face the monsters on their own terms. This comic contains lots of female muscle growth, and also scenes of height growth as well, and GTS scenes where the women fight giant monsters and one cool woman vs giant robot fight, and it has a good amount of feats of strength in it too. This is a big comic at 26 pages all fully colored. If you like FMG you're going to love this comic, and really I would say this is one of my very best comics I have ever worked on. I know you all will enjoy it.