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Have you ever been in a relationship where you realize you've outgrown your partner. Bonnie is in such a relationship. Her husband cheats on her and is lazy about hiding it, and the more he cheats the more she finds comfort in the weight set of his that he never uses. Day by day they grow further apart, and she keeps growing her body transforming from a petite waif of a woman into a full blown red blooded muscle goddess. One night Bonnie decides enough is enough and its time for her to put her foot down, right upon her cheating husbands throat. She's going to show her husband the err of his ways and just how much she has OUTGROWN him! This is a 20 page comic drawn by the talented dracowhip and most of you should recognize  his art by now he drew Super Muscular Models, Skinny Dipping, The Right To Bare Arms, and many many more. This is an female muscle growth comic with lots of types of growth. There is growth via fantasy and some nice gym sequence montages of her growing and getting stronger. Lots of fem dom, mixed wrestling/fighting, muscle comparisions, feats of strength, and lift and carry, along with the fmg of course! I know you all are going to enjoy this comic.