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Power Puffs

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You all know the story of Powder Puffs, a cheerleader squad upset at their team for their losing ways, decide to muscle up and get into the game. The boys think the girls are nothing more than delicate powder puffs, but within seconds the boys learn that calling them "Power Puffs" would be more appropriate. This is another remake of my classic Mighty Female Muscle Comix tale Powder Puffs, only this time the art is drawn by the amazing and talented Dracowhip. You all should know his work by now as well. For fans of old and new there is plenty of material here, and even if you read both of past Powder Puff comics you'll still enjoy this new entry. The core story is the same, but it has lots of new scenes and different art style and the comic is just a blast. It has some really nice fmg sequences of the cheerleaders hitting the gym and weights hard. Lots and lots of feats of strength as the girls just bulldoze the boys on the football field. If you liked the No More Little Miss Nerdy Girl, Big Girls on Campus, or The Strongest Yard you're going to love this comic. The comic is 20 pages of sexy, fun, and intense femuscle action and excitement.