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Rose of the West Part 1

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Rose of the West is a comic unlike any other you've ever seen. It has romance, humor, action, heartbreak, self discovery, and above all else lots of strong sexy muscular ladies. This comic is set in the old west, in a small town, where the ladies who reside there are anything but SMALL. A young woman finds herself all alone, scared and forced to fend for herself, as she is abandoned by her older brother. It is here in this town that she learns about its past, and also in the process learns that she herself is stronger than she ever thought possible. This is a great big MEGA ISSUE. The comic is 52 total pages and contains lots of fem dom, feats of strength, and of course  Female Muscle Growth! The FMG in this comic is both fantasy sequences, and also a nice time lapse sequence that shows the main character grow bigger and stronger over a period of time. If you liked No More Little Miss Nerdy Girl, you're going to love this comic. It has a similar theme, except instead of a group of girls gaining muscles and taking over a university, the townswomen gain muscles and take over the entire town. This is just part 1 of a two part story. And without this is one of my all time favorite stories I've ever written. I know you all will enjoy this comic.