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Rose of the West Part 2

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This is the exciting conclusion to the western epic Rose of the West. Suzy learns more about the town and its strange history, and also she learns about Rose's quest for revenge. This is a female muscle growth tale set in the old west, replete with lots of brawlin, and bar fights, and features lots of feats of strength. Guns get bent and crushed, and the bad guys who wielded such weapons learn that no gun can compete with the strength of a true woman. Like the first part this book is a very, very big book. Its 52 total pages and has a female muscle growth theme as in this issue Rose trains the women of the town, and they all become super strong and super powerful mega muscle maidens. I hope you all will enjoy this comic, I had a lot of fun writing it, and at it's heart its a tale of love, revenge, self discovery and growth, and of course a whole lotta FMG! Without a doubt this is one of my proudest moments ever in creating comics and I am just super pleased to be able to share it with you all. I know you're going to LOVE this issue and the series.