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Schoolgirls Vs The Horrible Thunder Beast

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This comic is without a doubt one of my all time favorites. The female muscle growth sequences in this are really great, and it has tons of action. It also was I believe my first ever giantess comic. But, all that aside this is one of my funniest comics EVER! I had a blast writing the script and then again writing the text for it. Also, femfortefan is an amazing artist, and he really gets my sense of humor. This comic is 25 pages and I've just recently had it colored. The colored version is exclusive to this shopify page. Also included as a bonus is the original black and white version of the comic. For those of you who don't know this comic is about a group of Japanese schoolgirls who get zapped by a fmg ray and hulk out with big muscles and super strength. Then suddenly a horrible thunder beast attacks their city, and they use the ray to grow to towering heights and take on the giant monster. Lot's of action, feats of strength, fmg, and humor abound. I know you all will enjoy this comic.