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She's a Stud

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Cindy and Billy are a couple and Billy always felt emasculated around Cindy. She was more successful then him, had more money than him,and was just smarter than him. That's when Billy hatched a plan to send away for some Stud Juice, its an expensive, but effective enhancement supplement. He plans on drinking it in front of Cindy and show her just how big of a man he really is... Well, his plan goes awry when Cindy grabs the bottle from him and takes a drink from it. And to her surprise and Billy's horror she starts to grow. It turns out Cindy likes being bigger and stronger than Billy as well, and she just keeps drinking and drinking the Stud Juice. And Billy is left to wonder just how much trouble he is in and if she will leave him even a drop of the precious Stud Juice. This is a big, big, big 3d comic. Lots and lots of Growth sequences in this issue. For people who are fans of female muscle growth, height growth, and breast enhancement, and size comparisons this issue is for you. There are plenty of comparisons for each stage of Cindy's amazing growth journey. She goes from a small and petite woman, to a towering musclebound powerhouse. This comic is 80 total pages and has some muscle worship, feats of strength, light fem dom elements as Cindy just loves to tease little Billy on how much smaller and weaker he is compared to her, and did I mention FMG... Yeah, I know I mentioned it, but trust me there are a lot of really good fmg sequences in this issue. Philip Lawson wrote the text for this story and he knocked it out of the park. I really think this is one of my all time best 3d comics I've ever made. And I know you all are going to really like this one. Enjoy!