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She's Got Legs

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To quote ZZ Top this comic is about a woman who has a pair of strong, shapely, and sexy legs, and she knows how to use them... To put him husband in leg scissors and beat him in some bedroom wrasslin! This is just a fun and silly comic. Jorge and I just wanted to make something that was sexy had some female muscle growth in it, some boudoir bits, and of course a whole lot of wrestling. This comic is about a young woman who realizes she has good genetics for building muscle and loves becoming bigger and stronger than her man. She gets a bit insatiable the bigger she gets, and the boyfriend finds he cannot refuse her, no matter how hard he tries! Its fun, its quirky, and its sexy, and has a lot of femuscle and female muscle growth. The FMG in this comic is done via her working out at home with weights. If you like Jorges other comics like Kiss of the Dragon Queen, Big Shots, or Not So Lil Red, you're going to enjoy this one. Both this and Outmuscled this have a similar theme, but this one is lighter and less intense. All in all a fun comic I know you all will enjoy.